From Orphan Trains to Today

Photo by Michael Erhardsson How has adoption changed? Orphan trains were an attempt to decrease the population of poor children clogging the streets of big cities in the late 1800s and early 1900s. (1) Aid workers who were struck with the plight of these children thought that removing them from the dirty, dangerous city and... Continue Reading →

When Reactive Attachment Disorder Comes Home.

Photo by Julia M Cameron When I first heard about reactive attachment disorder it was in a paragraph sandwiched between food hoarding and developmental delays due to malnutrition. Training required for International adoption included a basic understanding of these unique conditions. This was a landscape of extremes that seemed as appropriate as the 15 hour... Continue Reading →

When Adopted Children Need a Second Chance

Photo by Miftah Rafli Hidayat JeNae Goodrich was adopted into her own family as a child.  Growing up surrounded by adopted siblings helped prepare her for her life of social work, but she couldn’t have predicted that she would have gotten involved with one of the toughest, most stressful and even controversial sides of adoption.... Continue Reading →

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